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We are an established firm of Attorneys based in South Africa. We Specialise in International Business and Cross-Border Trade Transactions with a strong focus on Africa.


 We have more than 20 years’ experience in African markets and specifically in the facilitation of highly complex import-export transactions and investments.


Our goal and vision are to make and create lucrative deals for our clients and to provide mutually beneficial solutions where all parties in the business transaction are winners. We facilitate cross-border transactions in such a manner as to prevent litigation and create financial structures that safeguard our clients’ assets both locally and internationally.

We pride ourselves, as the top, creative deal-making, solution orientated, Law Firm in Africa


What makes us different


We have secured and protected multi-currency offshore escrow bank accounts in place to facilitate global trade transactions.


We make law, agreements, business and trade simple and effective.

 All written Agreements that we draft and create adhere to the following elements:


1. Simple and effective.

2. Totally unambiguous.

3. Deliberate litigation prevention.



No Litigation – We structure any business transaction to be litigation preventative in all facets of the transaction.


In the highly unlikely case where litigation happens the transaction is structured in a manner whereby litigation is swift, cost-effective and just.



We are flexible, creative, fearless and adventurous in our approach to business and law.







Because of a severe dollar shortage, companies and citizens have the following challenges in dollar shortage countries:


  • They cannot transfer their currency out of the country.

  • The local currency is devaluing.

  • Local companies cannot pay suppliers for imported goods.

  • Companies and citizens cannot pay for goods and services outside of their country.

  • International investors cannot repatriate their dividends.



Because of these challenges and our experience in the African trade and legal market, high net worth individuals, corporations, international NGO’s and investors require and benefit from legal, compliant and transparent solutions from Roux Attorneys Incorporated.



Our Solutions



Cross-Border Investments



At Roux Attorneys Incorporated, we provide several solutions which can solve many of these critical issues. We work with a number of international financial structuring experts, forex providers, leading banks and investment firms to ensure clients receive the best and most productive advice.

We facilitate cross-border investment transactions via our Offshore and African based Escrow Bank Accounts.

We assist companies that want to profit out of such a transaction as well as companies wanting to invest their local currency outside of the country into another currency.

We draft all necessary agreements and facilitate this transaction in a fail-proof manner.



Export Trade Facilitation



At Roux Attorneys Incorporated we have more than twenty years’ experience in African markets and specifically in the facilitation of highly complex import and export transactions and investments.


We facilitate export transactions whereby goods and services are exported or imported from and to dollar shortage countries. In these transactions, all funds are deposited into our various escrow bank accounts.


We offer clients that wish to invest their funds held in the dollar shortage country a chance to take part in an export/import transaction, that we facilitate, in the form as a trade finance provider.


We are in control of the transaction from the beginning to the end and we make sure the client receives his invested funds in a different currency outside of the dollar shortage country.




Barriers of International Trade


1. Lack of trust between International Traders

2. Guarantee of Agents and intermediaries commission payments.

3.  Expensive, time-consuming, complex international litigation when a dispute occurs.



We facilitate trade by making use of our Escrow and Paymaster Services. As we have multi-currency offshore escrow bank accounts in place, we facilitate trade transaction in any currency any place in the world.

We draft all agreements for the trade.

We have an arbitration clause in place whereby any dispute will be dealt with by an independent qualified third party in a cost-effective manner within 14 days.



 We act as Escrow Agent and Paymaster in any transaction where the parties need a trusted third party to receive funds

and to pay funds according to the Escrow & Paymaster Agreement.

A Paymaster Attorney is a trusted third party, who ensures a safe, efficient and quick method of compliance with a

commercial contract or buying and selling products and services on an international basis. 


The Paymaster will accept funds into the escrow account from the ‘One Party’ and confirm to the ‘Other Party’ that the funds are held pending delivery or confirmed performance.

The use of our Escrow facility will ensure a safe and positive outcome for your International transactions.  It ensures that only parties who have funds and are capable of proving same are entertained. The Escrow facility ensures that our clients are dealing only with properly qualified clients who can and will pay and buyers receive the product they are paying for in a safe manner. It also ensures that intermediaries are paid their commission on the transaction.





Managing Director

Johard Roux is the Managing Director of the firm. He has been practising for more than 20 years as a Commercial Lawyer in South Africa and the United Kingdom.




B Com (Specialising in Business Law and Accounting)

B Proc

LLM  (Specialising in International Business and Trade Law)



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